Swoon food is a site dedicated to inspiring healthy eating.

Almost all the recipes are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free, many are also raw, vegan, and completely sugar free (including desserts!).

I believe food is the ultimate key to health. By nourishing your body with a plant-rich, nutrient dense, whole foods diet you are well on your way to a happy, healthy life.

Food that is truly swoon-worthy, is food that makes you feel amazing inside and out!

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recipe development
Food is my passion.



Desserts are my speciality. Whether you require dessert menu design, recipes to accomodate specific dietary requirements, new product promotion, or simply a recipe idea you’ve dreamed up. Find out more here.

food styling and photography
Beautiful food inspires.



Using natural light with simple organic styling I aim to capture true beauty. When shooting food my goal is to make it look as real and delicious as possible. If you’d like to collaborate on an upcoming photography or food styling project, get in touch here.

food workshops
Recipe demonstrations & tastings.




If you’re interested in tasting more Swoon Food, I hold food workshops throughout the year where I demonstrate a number of Swoon Food’s most popular recipes and talk all things dairy, gluten and refined sugar free. Check the shop page for further details.



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