Get Off Sugar And Feel Amazing...


The 10 Day Sugar Cleanse

by Swoon Food

have you ever wished…

You could wake up after deep restful sleep, every night, waking up energised and refreshed, with the energy to bounce out of bed and start your day?


For clear, bright skin that prompts people to ask what you’ve been doing differently or have you been on holiday?


For a way to lose those extra few pounds without slogging it out at the gym, or doing strenuous cardio exercise….which can often leave you feeling exhausted and deflated when you don’t see the results?


Well I have good news for you.


The food you put into your body directly influences ALL these things and sugar, in particular, is key.


Have you ever noticed, no matter how much you exercise, how many calories you restrict, or how many health supplements you take, you just don’t see results?


The truth is:
The most important factor for change is the food you eat.


If you’re not seeing the results from all your healthy efforts, then new exercise, another diet, or expensive supplements probably won’t help. If you want to see long term, lasting change, you need to look at the food you’re consuming.


By eating the right food, and in particular cutting sugar,

you can dramatically impact so many aspects of your life.


You will see it in your skin, your weight, digestion, mental clarity, and overall health.


I know this because I’ve tried many diets, health fads, and different forms of exercise over the years, including weight training, cardio, kick boxing, dance cardio, boxing, barre, pilates and yoga. Don’t get me wrong, I still love exercise and think it’s fantastic for you. But, it wasn’t until I put myself through a sugar detox that I finally saw noticeable results.


My skin cleared up almost immediately, I slept better than ever and for once in my life I actually bounced out of bed in the morning. My digestive issues cleared up, migraines I’ve had for as long as I can remember all but disappeared, and the “brain fog” I used to feel started to lift. I also lost a little weight that nothing else seemed to be able to shift.


It’s no secret that sugar isn’t good for you. 


But did you also know that sugar is a cause of inflammation in your body, and chronic inflammation is now known to be the root cause of chronic illness and disease? 


More people than ever before are overweight and suffering from chronic diseases, also classified as “lifestyle diseases”. I believe it’s also no coincidence that we consume more sugar than ever.


So if we know all this, why do we continue to eat the sweet stuff?!


Sugar is known to be one of the most addictive substances out there. It lights up the same pleasure pathways as alcohol, gambling and narcotics, and has even been shown to be more addictive than heroin and cocaine in rats.

It’s no wonder we can’t get enough of it!



Sugar is everywhere, and navigating a sugar free

way of eating by yourself is exceptionally hard.


Which is why I want to help. I’ve pulled together all my knowledge of health and wellbeing, and all my skills as a chef, to create a comprehensive online program to guide you through 10 days of eating completely sugar-free, to give your body a much needed reprieve and chance to reset.



The 10 Day Sugar Cleanse

by Swoon Food

A comprehensive online program to help you cut the sugar, detox your body and get back on track.


The 10 Day Sugar Cleanse is designed to get you off sugar fast, by showing you how to create delicious, healthy, sugar free meals, that you can incorporate into your daily life.


What’s exactly in the program

Guidelines   XXXXXX


These cover exactly what is meant by “sugar” in this cleanse, with a detailed printable list of which foods to eat, and which to avoid and why.

Three Menu Plans


Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and drinks are all laid out in three easy to follow menu plans. Choose from: Swoon Food Original, Plant based or Extremely Busy People.

Delicious Recipes


Every meal in the menu plans links to a delicious, easy to follow recipe, with a beautiful photograph so you can see exactly what you’re making.

Uncover Your WHY  XXXXXX

This exercise will help you uncover your true motivation for doing this cleanse, and ultimately leading a healthy life. This will be the driving force that pulls you through.

Pantry Clean Out Guide


You’ll be walked through how to prepare your kitchen for the cleanse, with a checklist to make it super simple.

Shopping Lists XXX


Each menu plan comes complete with two shopping lists. All you need to do it check off what you already have and you’re set to go.

Cravings      XXXXXX


You’ll learn what’s really driving your cravings and two dedicated sections walk you through what to do when cravings kick in and what to do if you accidentally cave.

Exercise + Sleep  XXX


You’ll learn why the right amount of exercise and sleep is essential during this cleanse, and exactly how much you should be aiming for.

Motivation  XXXXXX


I know first hand how hard it is to give up sugar, so you’ll find a heap of positive motivation throughout this cleanse. I want you to succeed!

How To Deal With Detoxing


Everyone’s experience will be different so there’s a whole section on what to expect and how to deal with any detox symptoms you may experience.

SOS Sealed Section  XXX


Giving up sugar isn’t easy and I know cravings can sometimes get the better of you. So in case of emergencies, you’ll find an SOS section of sugar cleanse approved sweet treats that will keep you on track.

What Next  XXXXXX


At the end of the 10 days you’re not just left hanging! There’s a whole section dedicated to what to do next. I’ll take you through which foods to incorporate back in and how, and how to keep the momentum going and your positive results flowing.

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Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You start the day with the best intentions, have a super healthy breakfast and lunch, only to reach 3pm and the cravings set in. You cave, end up eating a chocolate bar then figure you’ve already blown it today so might as well keep going. You’ll do better tomorrow…


As soon as you tell yourself you can’t have something, like sweets or chocolate, it’s literally all you want! You even wake up wanting that food for breakfast…


Whenever someone brings cake or donuts into the office you tell yourself you won’t have any. But as the day goes on they become more and more tempting. You rationalise you need one for energy – you’ll just do an extra 15 minutes at the gym tonight…


You can’t bear the thought of giving up your morning caramel mocha latte… or the sweet treat you allow yourself every night after dinner…


Or Perhaps This?

You’ve tried so hard to lose those last few pounds and tone up. Drinking green smoothies, restricting calories, hitting the gym, taking up pilates – but nothing seems to work…


You’ve always been reasonably happy with your body shape, but recently you’ve started to get a tummy pouch and you just don’t feel confident in your clothes anymore…


You’ve tried other cleanses and detox programs and felt great while doing them, but as soon as they were over you went back to your old ways and all the positive results disappeared again…


You’ve tried to quit sugar before but it all became too hard trying to figure out which foods have hidden sugars in them and what exactly counts as sugar free, not to mention eating out…


You don’t have a sweet tooth as you’re much more a savoury person and would take a pack of crisps over sweets anyday! But you still can’t seem to lose that extra weight…

If you identified with any of these scenarios then this program is for you.

The 10 Day Sugar Cleanse Program Takes All The Guess Work Out.

Think of it as the next best thing to having a personal chef.

All your meals, including snacks, are planned out and ready for you.

You’ll learn how to cook delicious, healthy food that you can easily to incorporate into your daily life.


 • • •

This program is designed to get you off sugar fast, curb your cravings and give your health and body the kickstart it needs.

By design, this is not just a quick fix.


Enroll now and you’ll get these additional guides and bonuses


Eating out can be challenging while on a sugar cleanse, and while it’s recommended you do this cleanse when your social calender is quiet, life happens and sometimes it just can’t be avoided. Plus not everyone wants to eat at home for 10 days! This bonus section will help you navigate where and what to eat, what to do when eating at friend’s or family’s houses and what to do in social situations. As well as tips/recipes for alcohol alternatives. 


Finding completely sugar free food to buy, and navigating food labels can be very frustrating and confusing. So I’ve taken the guess work out of it for you with the printable Hidden Sugars Guide. You’ll find all the different names for sugars that you’re likely to encounter (72 and counting!) plus a list of all the unlikely foods that can have sugar hiding in them. You’ll become a sugar savvy shopper in no time!


Snacks are included in all the menu plans, however, it’s always good to have extra options. Especially if you’re a person who likes to snack and wants to avoid the 3pm cravings rut! This guide is full of sugar cleanse approved snack ideas and recipes which will keep you on track during the cleanse and beyond.


When you commit to giving up anything, accountability and social support are key in keeping you on track. The 10 Day Sugar Cleanse private Facebook group is your place to share with other like minded sugar cleansers. I’ll be in there everyday day to answer any questions or queries you have about the cleanse. This is also a great place to share your progress and wins.

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this sugar cleanse works...

I’ve heard so many inspiring stories from 10 Day Sugar Cleansers.

They’re seeing their cravings diminish, sleeping better, losing weight, and even learning new skills in the kitchen.

What you experience will depend on your body and the amount of effort you put in during the cleanse. But here’s what some of the sugar cleansers are seeing:

He lost 5 kg (11 lbs) in 10 days,

feels less bloated and more clear headed.


Wow what a great sugar cleanse! I feel less bloated and more clear headed after the 10 days, not to mention lost 5kg. Admittedly, my diet was not great beforehand and I needed the challenge to make a material difference to my weight. Love the way the shopping list and recipes make removing sugar from meals so easy – it would have otherwise been impossible for me to do this properly. The recipes are stunning, quick and easy to follow and funnily enough even though we were eating fresh, typically expensive foods, our shopping bill was no larger than it would normally have been. Definitely worth it!

Callum McKain

Finance Manager

After trying many diets over the years she finally found

a new way of eating that works!


Over my life I have embarked on many types of diets to try to lose weight. Low fat, high protein, liquid, fasting and even medications to try and shed those excess kilos. Some worked for a few months some didn’t at all. As the years sped by and the inevitable ageing process accelerated, my body shape settled happily onto the shape of a well ripe apple! Diets didn’t work! 

Social media made me gradually more aware of the toxicity of sugar, but how on earth to cut sugar out? It was everywhere and seemed to be in everything in some form or another. I came across José’s (Swoon Food’s) ten day sugar cleanse program and committed myself to the experience.

I was sceptical I could do this but my main motivation was reducing belly fat. I developed quite spontaneously a sense of control over what I was putting into my body. This was a whole new mindset. Something in all my decades of dieting I had never experienced before. This was not a diet. This was a whole new way of eating. I began to see results almost immediately. Not so much on the scales initially, but in the mirror, and the way my clothes fitted. I didn’t feel those familiar hunger pangs that go along with less food. After a few days I wasn’t craving sugar. I noticed my psychological outlook was changing too.

I still don’t profess to completely understand all the science behind what sugar does, but it seemed no coincidence that my brain was sharper and my energy levels higher. I was thrilled to loose 3.5kgs and more importantly to have that stubborn band of tummy fat reduce markedly. I finished the ten day cleanse lighter, healthier and pleased with a changing body shape. And here’s the thing, I continue to eat relatively sugar free. My previous experience finishing a ‘diet’ meant that was it. You finished the diet and pretty much went back to your old habits. Finishing the sugar free cleanse my mindset has been different. Sure there is some sugar back in my diet, but I have an awareness around the form it comes in, and a treat one day doesn’t become a treat every day. 

Julie Meagher

Quality Mentor Trainer

This Sugar Cleanse gave her an amazing reality check…


I found this 10 Day Sugar Cleanse to be so refreshing! Such delicious recipes! Although I haven’t been strict about my sugar intake 2 weeks after my cleanse, it has given me a reality check about my usual daily sugar intake. Drinking alcohol throughout the week was the biggest down fall for me, so being aware of the quantity I used to drink compared to eating clean on this Sugar Cleanse was alarming. I didn’t weigh myself before the 10 Day Sugar Cleanse but my clothes and confidence sure felt 10 times better. Thanks José for this amazing reality check.

Kate Humphries

Makeup Artist

She’d been wanting to reset her unhealthy eating for ages

but it all felt too daunting – until she tried

The 10 Day Sugar Cleanse…


I had been wanting to take a break from eating unhealthy and sugary foods for ages, but I never managed because it felt daunting and impossible to manage. I finally decided to give Swoon Food’s 10 Day Sugar Cleanse a try because 10 days felt doable and the Cleanse was recommended by a colleague. I’m so glad I tried it because I feel like I have now kicked the cravings and feel so much better for it. The plan makes it easy to get organised and the recipes are easy to follow. And unlike other cleanses, I still got to eat delicious food, instead of just starving myself! I would highly recommend this plan for anyone looking to do the same.

Sonya Stichbury

Digital Marketing Exec

This self-confessed sugarholic is STILL eating

sugar free as she feels so much better for it.


I have always thought of myself as a sugarholic, but knew it wasn’t really the best thing for my health. So I have been thinking about doing something like a cleanse for a long time, but just never found the time, or really thought I could do it. However, WOW what a difference 10 days makes. I feel amazing and so proud of myself. I’m not going to lie it was hard in the first few days, and I was a bit headachy, and apparently grumpy. But the SOS treats got me through, and by day 5 it was dare I say easy! This cleanse made everything so much easier;  all the information was helpful, the recipes were yum and easy to follow. And the biggest testimony –  is that I am still doing it, because I feel so much better for it. I have really surprised myself at how this cleanse has helped me to change a lot of my bad food habits. Thank you! 

Rose Tobin McKain

Clinical Health Psychologist

She began sleeping better,

became hungry between meals again,

and learnt what her body needs and when.


There’s no sugar coating it (pun intended), 10 days Sugar Free is hard work but the sense of achievement at the end is worth it! It was eye opening how many hidden sugars I was consuming and by following the Swoon Food plan I began sleeping better, was actually hungry between meals and I learnt about what my body needs and when. I also felt less puffy and bloated and lost 3.5kg (7.7lbs). I’m looking forward to taking these learnings and adjusting my lifestyle going forward with less reliance on sugar.

Vanessa Moore

Demand Supply Planner

She wanted to kick start her exercise and

health routine before summer,

and now wants to make it an annual event.


I decided to do this 10 Day Sugar Cleanse because I wanted to reset my naughty afternoon snacking, prevent diabetes, gain more energy and mental clarity, and give my exercise and health routine a kick start before summer. It was definitely a challenging 10 days and the initial task of writing down “the why” is great. I took a photo and this helped keep my momentum. After 10 days I was sleeping a LOT better, was less puffy/bloated, surprisingly I lost 2kg (I’m normally really stable with my weight) and generally I felt better for it! I also loved all the little handy hints and informative tidbits that come with the recipes. I’m looking forward to rejigging my old eating habits and practicing being more mindful while eating and cooking at home. I think this would be a great cleanse to do annually as a check in.  Thanks José (Swoon Food), I really enjoyed the flavourful recipes and have recommended this Sugar Cleanse to my friends!

Jaya Bhikha

Demand Planner

She’s sleeping better, has brighter skin and eyes,

no more bloating and lost 3 kg (6.6lbs) in 10 days!


I’ve tried a lot of diets and weight loss meal delivery services over the years, but this 10 Day Sugar Cleanse has blown them all our of the water. It has really shown me what my body needs and what it doesn’t. I started two weeks ago and found all the information very easy to follow, as were the recipes. The meals were very filling, delicious and easy to prepare. I began sleeping better almost immediately, my skin and eyes look bright and clear, I no longer have bloating and I lost 3kg (6.6lbs)! I highly recommend this 10 Day Sugar Cleanse to anyone who is thinking about cutting sugar out of their diet.

Anita Ward

Restaurant Owner

This former sugarholic no longer has sugar cravings,

has more energy and even lost a couple of kilos.


I’m a 67 year old sugarholic. I love cakes and ice cream and all things sweet, so doing this sugar cleanse was way out of my comfort zone. I had to be very positive and mindful, and surprisingly, it was not as hard as I thought.

After 10 days eating sugar free I feel really good, with more energy to chase grandchildren. I no longer crave sugary treats, and an extra bonus I lost a few kilos! I highly recommend this sugar cleanse to anyone considering it. Go for it!

Jan Stichbury

Retired Nurse

To Summarise…

By cutting sugar out of your diet, you could have:


Improved sleep • More energy • Clearer skin • Brighter eyes • Diminished bloating • Freedom from cravings • Weight loss • Improved mental clarity • A more positive outlook on life


But you may be thinking…


Can I really beat sugar cravings AND see all these changes in just 10 days?

Yes! If you put the effort in and follow the program you will see results.


Is this just a quick fix?

Only if you treat it that way. If you take your new learnings and incorporate them into your lifestyle you will continue to see positive changes.


Will food be fun anymore?!

Yes! All the recipes in the cleanse are Swoon Food recipes which, by design, are easy to follow and delicious!! 


If I go sugar free will I ever be able to have treats again?

Yes! There’s a special SOS section in the program with completely sugar free sweet treats, plus a guide for the best sweeteners to use going forward. 

My goal is to help you get off sugar so you can become the healthiest version of you possible

I want you to have all the tools you need to successfully get off sugar and begin to see the results you desire.


I want to you to feel the sense of achievement from going 10 days completely sugar free, and see how good you can feel in this short time.


I want you to have freedom from sugar cravings.


It’s the food you put into your body that’s the most important factor for change,
and sugar is the key.

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How’s this program different from others?


The 10 Day Sugar Cleanse program is not just a sugar detox.



Because sugar is one of the biggest causes of chronic inflammation in the body, this cleanse also focuses on reducing inflammation.


All the food in this cleanse has been specifically chosen for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, and the most common inflammatory foods are avoided.

This means as well as sugar, you’ll also be avoiding dairy, gluten/grains and red meat for 10 days.

You can of course reintroduce these again afterwards.

I want you to see maximum results in 10 days and come out the other end feeling nothing short of amazing!


There are three different menu plans to choose from:

Original, Plant Based & Extremely Busy People 



Nothing is left to guess work.


 You’ll know exactly what to eat and when with the detailed menu plans and easy to follow recipes.

All the recipes are created by Swoon Food which means you’ll be eating truly delicious, nourishing food that won’t leave you feeling deprived.



When can I start?

Whenever you like! Ideally when you sign up for the cleanse you’ll take a couple of days to read the material. Then do your grocery shop and food prep over a weekend, ready to start on a Monday. However, if that time frame doesn’t work for you, feel free to start on whatever day of the week or weekend that does.

Who is this 10 day sugar cleanse for?

Anyone who wants help cutting sugar out of their diet in a healthy and nutritious way.

How do I access this program and how does it work?

When you sign up you’ll enter a login name and password. These will be emailed to you for your reference, along with the link to the login page. When you login you’ll find all the information, menu plans, recipes and bonuses in an easy to navigate, secure online portal that you can access anytime, anywhere. The key information is also downloadable and easy to print if you wish. You then decide which menu plan suits you best and which day you wish to start the cleanse. Do your grocery shop with the provided shopping lists a few days before, then the prep ahead tips and recipes set out in the menu plan.

Will I lose weight on this cleanse?

This depends on whether you’re already at your ideal balanced weight or not. Most people will lose weight on this cleanse if they’re carrying excess weight. The menu plans do not restrict calories, and the food you’ll be eating is very healthy, full of good fats, protein and fibre.

I'm on prescription medications, can I do the cleanse?

If you’re on prescription medication always check in with your medical doctor before embarking on any type of cleanse or major dietary change. This sugar cleanse program is so effective it’s possible your blood sugar and blood pressure will drop dramatically in just a few days. If you’re on prescription medication, especially blood pressure pills or insulin, you must work with your doctor to carefully monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar, and adjust doses as necessary.

What if I'm allergic or intolerant to certain foods?

The menu plans avoid most of the common allergens such as gluten, dairy, shellfish and soy. There are eggs in a number of recipes which can either be substituted, or simply choose another recipe. There are also tree nuts in a number of recipes which can also be substituted or avoided. If you’re still unsure, feel free to contact us and we will see if it will work for you:

Will I be hungry on this cleanse?

This depends on what your diet looks like currently and what your weight goals are. This cleanse is not restrictive of calories, however, you may notice you don’t feel stuffed after meals and you begin to feel hungry again before your next meal – which is a good thing! Not overloading your digestive system gives it a chance to properly digest the food you’ve put in which is an important healthy change.

I follow a paleo diet, can I do the cleanse?

Yes most definitely! All the recipes on this 10 Day Sugar Cleanse are completely dairy, grain and sugar free.

I'm a vegetarian, can I do the cleanse?

Yes! You have a couple of options. First up you could choose the Plant Based menu plan which is fully vegetarian/vegan. Or you could choose to follow the Original or Extremely Busy People menu plans, both of which are 67% vegetarian and simply substitute a vegetarian protein where necessary.

I'm a vegan, can I do the cleanse?

Yes! There are three menu plans to choose from and the Plant Based option is completely vegan.

Can I do this cleanse if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

The recipes in this program are very rich in nutrients and all the meals contain a balance of healthy fats, proteins and fibre. However, pregnant and breastfeeding woman naturally need more calories so always check with your health professional first. If you decide to do this 10 Day Sugar Cleanse you may want to consider increasing portion sizes and adding extra protein to some of the salads and smoothies.

Can I exercise or train for a marathon while on this cleanse?

Yes you can certainly exercise while on this cleanse. We recommend moving your body daily, and ideally keep doing what you usually do. However, because this sugar cleanse will initiate a detox process in your body, we don’t recommend putting extra stress on it at the same time, such as extra hard workouts or training for a marathon.

I'm not very good at cooking, can I do the cleanse?

Yes! All the recipes are very easy to follow and prepare. If you’re not used to preparing your own meals you might find there’s quite a bit of food preparation involved, but it’s highly likely you’ll pick up some sweet new cooking skills during the process!

I cook for my partner/family, will this work?

Yes. Most of the recipes on the cleanse serve two or more, especially the dinners, so you can easily adapt them to suit your needs.

How can I get my partner/friend or family to do it with me?

Getting your partner, friend or family to do this cleanse with you is one of the best ways to ensure success as you stay accountable to each other. The best way to convince a not so excited partner or friend to join you is to lead by example. Talk to them about why you’re going to do it, show them the success stories above, and that it’s more fun to do it together. If they’re still not interested, go ahead with the cleanse anyway and once they see how well you’re doing they’ll likely want to join in too.

Will my grocery bill increase while doing this cleanse?

This will depend on how many ingredients you already have, how much you usually spend on your grocery bill, what brands you buy, and whether you buy in bulk. Most people say the first grocery shop is the same or slightly more than their usual shop, but the second week is much less as a lot of ingredients carry over. The most expensive things on the shopping list are nuts and seeds and their cost can be kept down by buying from bulk bins. It’s also good to keep in mind that while on the cleanse you won’t be eating out much so you’ll save money there.

Will this cleanse create additional work for me?

There’s a fair amount of food prep on this cleanse, mainly because it’s so hard to find ready made foods that meet the sugar cleanse criteria. However, we’ve tried our best to ensure all the recipes are relatively quick and easy to make. If you’re preparing food for your family, most of the recipes and especially the dinners, make multiple servings so your family can eat the same food as you.

What happens after the ten days are up, will I lose access to the recipes?

After the ten days you’ll gain access to the final section “what to do next”. This section guides you through which foods to add back in and how. You’ll also still have access to the all the program material for 12 months so you can redo the 10 Day Cleanse as many times as you like, and continue to make your favourite recipes.

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