Hazelnut Crunch Hot Chocolate with Raw Cacao

Hazelnut Crunch Hot Chocolate with Raw Cacao

Hazelnut Crunch Hot Chocolate with Raw Cacao


What do you do with a jar of hazelnut butter – besides eat it straight with a spoon?!

I posed this question to myself, spoon in hand, and the ideas began to race through my mind!

I could whip up hazelnut chocolate chip cookies….or a lush hazelnut chocolate mousse….or maybe a creamy dessert smoothie….or hazelnut nice cream….or a raw cheesecake!!

I paused to look down at my jar of hazelnut butter, and suddenly realised my brainstorming session was going to be a complete waste of time because I’d almost eaten the entire jar!

So I decided the BEST recipe for a jar of hazelnut butter is a simple one. A recipe which doesn’t give you enough time to fall into the same trap I did.

So without further ado, I give you THE most epic, hazelnut hot chocolate! Be warned, this is not your every day hot chocolate…it’s definitely special occasion hot chocolate.

Even though this drink is plant based and low in sugars, iI think we should still think of it as a dessert which is best consumed in moderation (as you would all desserts, right?!).

That said, this hazelnut crunch & raw cacao hot chocolate is essentially a fancied up hot chocolate which you can whip up in mere minutes, and then go as crazy as you like on toppings!! I’ve given a list of topping suggestions below the recipe, but feel free to go as wild as you so wish. Enjoy!


Hazelnut Crunch Hot Chocolate with Raw Cacao


Hazelnut Crunch Hot Chocolate with Raw Cacao

Makes: 1 large mug
Prep time: 10 minutes

250ml plant milk of choice
2 tsp raw cacao powder
1 Tbsp Hazelnut Butter (I used Forty Thieves Hazelnut Crunch)

Optional Extras
Chopped roasted hazelnuts
Chocolate shavings
Extra hazelnut butter
Raw cacao powder

Heat the milk until steaming using either a steam wand, nespresso milk frother or in a pan on the stove.

Place the raw cacao and hazelnut butter into a mug and pour one third of the steaming milk in. Stir well until you have a thick chocolately paste and then add the remaining milk. Taste for flavour and if desired add sweetener of your choice (I don’t use any as think it’s sweet enough!).

Garnish with any of the optional extras if you choose, and serve while hot!


Hazelnut Crunch Hot Chocolate with Raw Cacao