Creamy Hemp Seed & Kale Green Smoothie + Why It’s So Good For You

Creamy Hemp Seed & Kale Green Smoothie + Why It’s So Good For You


Spring is finally here and the change of season has also reignited my desire for green smoothies!

During the cold rainy winter months green smoothies become less and less appealing. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re cold and my body is craving something warm, or whether it’s because the ingredients are raw and my body wants something cooked. Perhaps it’s both.

Either way I tried to keep up my routine for a little while, but after pouring a few too many unfinished green smoothies down the sink I listened to my body and gave them a rest for the remainder of the winter.

Now that the weather has started to warm and the days are getting brighter, I’ve jumped back on the green smoothie train and have created some inspired new recipes I think you’re going to love! I’ve written quite a few posts about why these green drinks are so good for you, and this most recent post sums it up nicely.

If you’re like me and green smoothies have taken a back seat lately, here’s a quick reminder of why they’re so amazing:


Green smoothies are a simple way to give your diet and health a boost!

They’re an amazing way to get a lot of nutrients into your body in one go and are a really simple and inexpensive way to boost your diet naturally.

Green smoothies get your digestion flowing!

Just about everybody who does my 5 Day Green Smoothie Challenge reports back they’ve never been so regular, thanks to all that amazing fibre and hydration.

Green smoothies leave your skin glowing!

Good digestion is one of the keys to having glowing skin, the other is hydration which green smoothies provide in volumes. They also contain an abundance of antioxidants which protect your cells from free radical damage and ultimately the ageing process.

Green smoothies can boost detoxification and healing!

Because the ingredients are already partially broken down by the blender, your digestion doesn’t have to work quite as hard, so your body can put more time and energy into detoxification and healing. Also because the ingredients in green smoothies are plant based and raw, the nutrients and enzymes in those ingredients remain intact and unaffected by heat. As a result your body is better able to digest and absorb them, which can help boost the body’s natural detoxification and cell renewal pathways.

Green smoothies can help keep you healthy!

These fabulous green drinks contain an abundance of phytonutrients, which are the chemical compounds unique to plants that give them their vibrant colours, tastes and smells. In humans phytonutrients have the ability to promote healthy cell function and have some very unique roles in preventing disease.




Lets talk about this hemp seed & kale green smoothie recipe I know you’re going to love!

It’s completely raw, plant based, dairy, gluten and sugar free. This green smoothie doesn’t contain any fruit except for lemon, and just happens to be one of the delicious recipes from my 10 Day Sugar Cleanse program. Despite the lack of fruit, it’s surprisingly sweet thanks to the lemon and coconut water. Of course, if you need a little more sweetness in your green smoothie feel free to add some green apple, kiwifruit or mango.

What this green smoothie does contain is hemp seeds which are one of my favourite ingredients. They have a unique, beneficial fatty acid ratio and are a great source of dietary fibre and plant based protein. In fact, hemp is one of the few complete plant based protein sources which means it contains the 9 essential amino acids that your body can’t make.

Hemp is also a fantastic source of vitamin E, phytosterols, carotenes, lecithin and chlorophyll – and you can read a whole article about hemp here.

If you make this Hemp Seed & Kale Green Smoothie with a dash of coconut yoghurt – let me know!



Makes: 1 large or 2 small smoothies
Prep time: 10 minutes

3 to 4 kale leaves
1 handful fresh parsley
1/4 cucumber (peeled if not organic)
1 lemon (peeled if not organic)
4 slices fresh ginger
2 Tbsp hemp seeds
pinch cinnamon
250ml unsweetened coconut water

To serve (optional):
2 Tbsp unsweetened coconut yoghurt


Wash the kale leaves and parsley well, then leave to drain while preparing the rest of the ingredients.

Peel the cucumber and lemon if not organic, and place in your blender jug along with the remaining ingredients.

Blend on high until smooth.

If you’re using the coconut yoghurt, dollop two spoonfuls into the bottom of your serving glass and pour the green smoothie on top.

Enjoy immediately or if saving for later, store in a sealed jar or bottle in the fridge for up to 3 days.