top 5 most swoonable desserts


Did you ever used to watch those top 40 music countdowns as a kid? Back when Tina Turner and Whitney Houston reined supreme and anyone who tried to bump them off would be instantly hated… no? Am I showing my age here? Haha.

Well, this post is going to be a bit like a top 40 music countdown, except it’s a top 5, they’re all healthy, low sugar desserts, the suspense is REAL, and you probably won’t be reading this with your parents next to you (but if you are that’s awesome too!).

So what gets a dessert a place in the top 5, and what exactly do I mean by swoonable?!

The first criteria is the dessert must be so memorable that people are still talking about it to this day. Do you have one of those? I have a few, but could narrow it down to one or two if I had to. Funnily enough, they probably weren’t even the most amazing desserts, but there was something about them, or perhaps the occasion, that made them stick.

The second criteria for a swoonable dessert is it has to be nutrient dense. By this I mean it has to have some kind of nutritional benefit, and not just be empty sugar calories. The best way to achieve this is to use good quality, whole food ingredients, and always choose unrefined or whole food sweeteners.

Lastly, like all Swoon Food recipes, a swoonable dessert has to be dairy, gluten and refined sugar free. If it’s also organic that’s amazing, raw, plant based/vegan is also fabulous, and if it’s completely sugar free, well that’s just inspired!

All the desserts below meet these criteria, and while they’re not completely sugar free, they are very low in unrefined sugars. If you’d like some totally sugar free dessert inspo, check out my sugar free section here, or if cutting sugar speaks to you, download my free Top Ten Tips For Cutting Sugar Guide below.

So without further ado, here are Swoon Food’s top 5 MOST swoonable desserts:


Number 5:

Raw Passionfruit Cupcakes with Pink Dragon Fruit Frosting

Creamy cashews and tangy passionfruit sitting on top a chocolate brazil nut base, topped off with a pretty pink dragon fruit frosting. These cupcakes are low sugar, entirely plant based and packed with nutritious goodness. Best of all, they’re surprisingly easy to make – don’t let the fancy piping put you off! Click here for the recipe.


Number 4:

Sticky Date Chocolate Brownies

These are the stickiest, fudgiest, dark chocolate date brownies you’ll ever eat! They also happen to be grain, dairy and refined sugar free, sweetened with dates and a little rice syrup. They’re delicious eaten warm straight from the oven with lashings of your favourite yoghurt or (n)ice cream, or when left at room temperature their sticky fudge factor will increase by the day! Click here for the recipe.


Number 3:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Mousse

This silky smooth, dark chocolate mousse has subtle hints of peanut butter and you’d never guess a whole avocado in it! It can be whipped up in mere minutes, is completely plant based and very low in sugars. Click here for the recipe.


Number 2:

Zesty Raw Lemon & Coconut Cheesecake

It doesn’t get any dreamier than this zesty raw lemon and coconut cheesecake! It’s the perfect combination of tangy lemons and creamy cashews, atop a coconut, brazil nut and date base. Unlike a lot of raw cheesecakes, this one is so light even the biggest raw cheesecake critic will be hard pressed to fault it. Aside from being dairy and grain free, it also happens to be very low in sugars. Click here for the recipe.


And just like that we’ve reached number 1!

The MOST swoonable dessert is…

Swoonuts aka Spiced Vanilla Cake Donuts

Of course these donuts had to be the winner right? They even have swoon in their name!

Not particularly a donut fan? Well these are not your regular donuts. They’re a baked cake style donut, which has a melt-in-your mouth texture with a subtle spiced vanilla flavour. Even if you’re not a big donut fan, I promise when you give these a try you’ll be converted. They’re also low in sugars and are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free. Click here for the recipe.


That brings the top 5 most swoonable desserts countdown to a close. I hope you enjoyed counting down with me, and you’ve gained some delicious new, low sugar, dessert inspiration.


If you’d like more healthy inspiration, be sure to download my FREE top 10 Tips for Cutting Sugar Guide below.

It has 10 easy to follow steps to help you get started asap.


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